Things I’m afraid to tell you

While spending a day relaxing and just taking in some healthy reading I was checking out Jess Lively’s blog if you don’t know Jess she has an amazing podcast called The Lively Show she’s a blogger and adventurous woman.  Anyway she has a archived post titled Things I’m afraid to tell you and I thought it would be amazing to get vulnerable and do my own version of Things I’m afraid to tell you, I’ll do my best not to start crying ? lol.. Alrighty then… here goes nothing!

# 1 : since starting Coaching in 2015 I struggled with imposter syndrome on a continuous basis(it’s been paralyzing, up until now)

#2: As of January 2017 I’ve committed myself to therapy(voluntarily, Its easy to lose yourself in stress and overwhelm + I’m a mess sometimes)

#3. I’m scared that I will die and my children will be left without my best efforts and it scares me so much.

#4. I give a lot of myself and have trouble saying no-working on it in therapy ✅

#5. I struggled with depression for 3 years and to keep myself from succumbing to it I keep moving- keeping myself active and living intentionally- and boy is it hard sometimes

#6. I curse a lot, like a lot a lot – OK that may be an understatement ?

#7. I am uncontrollably indecisive even for things I think I have control over. ??‍♀️

#8. After fighting hard to get back into collage to pursue my bachelors I dropped out pursue my coaching business and I sometimes wonder if I made the best decision. The answer has been yes each time.

#10. I still very much have a day job while coaching.

#11. I want to help everybody and have a hard time understanding why people won’t take my help. (I practice the when you’re ready approach)

#12 And the bonus: I drink way too much coffee ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️. Caffeine baby! 

Whew that was pretty easy I didn’t know if I could make it but I did whoop! whoop!

Do you have anything that you’re afraid to tell people that you just want to share with me comment below and let it out comments are anonymous unless you want to add real info ?

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