Planning to have a plan- Are you putting off till tomorrow what you can do today?


The “I’ll get it done tomorrow”, Syndrome really doesn’t help us when we have obligations that need to be taken care of. We all know LIFE IS TO SHORT so I won’t say it<<< =), when you put the task on the back burner, you may think your saving yourself, but you’re actually speeding up time in a sense; what I mean is when you take time off from task that are supposed to be getting done you have to rush to do those task plus others that are supposed to be done at that point in time.


Example: you have a paper to write and you had all week to write it, you wait until the night before you have to turn it in to start on it you come home from work, you have to prepare food and tend to your children, you start your paper, but the children keep distracting you with their complaints and you forget food is on the stove, now you have to rush to the stove and stir the food, your husband/wife is in the living room calling for you to bring them something to drink, you go through this all night and you finally finish your paper at 3am. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it??? The reality of it is, sometimes we procrastinate because we are taking on so much that we try to cut ourselves some slack, other times it’s just because we are flat-out lazy.

Luckily for you, yours truly has some tips to send your stubborn ego running for the hills:

  1. Have Vision: Have what?? I can see just fine =)… Have Vision! You may be able to see, but you need tunnel vision to get into start-up and production mode. It’s easy to say I want to, I will, lets push for I have, I did. The only way to get results is to start by visualizing what you want and the end result of it. You want to go to the gym, imagine your dream body, visualize how your ex will drool and cry when they see you strutting your stuff like its 1985. Also, when you visualize you’re putting forth positive vibrations into the universe and you will get what you put forth.
  2. Make a list and check it twice: I’m not talking Christmas, I’m talking about your priorities, unnecessary priorities that are setting you back you know, like watching Grey’s Anatomy or college football; let’s start fresh starting tonight make a list of your top priorities and check them off, continue to do this for a whole month until you get into a habit of completing everything you said you would start. List are a great time management tool, when used properly you will hardly if ever have a major setback. As my main man Benjamin Franklin said:

    “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

  3. SDR: Stop-Drop-Roll: Stop putting off task, check your whining at the door and clean your nose, Drop the habit, it’s so unattractive drop the task like watching TV and get off you tuches you have laundry to do, you have that book to write. Roll-*Sing* Roll, roll, roll your butt right into your task, life is so much healthier when you’re not sitting on your ass. You know you enjoyed my song. Reality check, the clock stops for no one, unless my son got a hold of it, in that case, it’s just broke, in which I’m sorry and I’ll write you a check. Seriously, we all have the same amount of hours in a day so let’s be grateful and show gratitude by making the best of it.
  4. You’re so sweet have a treat-Reward System:This doesn’t just apply to our children or pets, I don’t know about you, but I love to be rewarded as much as the next toys r us kid. At the end of the week or month look at your list or just think back, if you haven’t procrastinated then you should reward yourself with whatever tickles your fancy.
  5. Take on projects in dosages: Breaking up assignments can prevent you from feeling overwhelmed & allow you to complete what you started in its entirety ,only do this with big task, as they tend to burn you out faster
  6. Share it like a Pinterest post: you know what I’m talking about; share your plans with other friends and family; put it in a tweet just get it out into the universe that way you will feel responsible for getting it done because you don’t want to look foolish to those whose opinions matter.

Whelp, Time to get off your butt and get your life on the go I hope I haven’t allowed you to procrastinate too much. Here’s an exercise for you to complete: below leave a comment with some ideas of how others can put an end to the almighty procrastination bug. Or Just share this post remember sharing is caring and a little wisdom goes a long way.

Till next time. May kind thoughts invoke your heart & soul, allowing change to flow and grow.

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