A Super Quick Guide to Forgiveness

Last week my sister called me to deliver news to me; she informed me that a friend had done something to put our friendship in jeopardy yet again. This friend has been a childhood friend to me for decades, although my sister shouldn’t have been gossiping, which I informed her of, I couldn’t help but to feel overwhelmed and hurt that after I let her back into my life last year after being estranged for so long that she would break my trust again. Then I started thinking and in an instant I forgave her all over again. The most important reason I forgave her is for ME, it may sound weird but let me explain.

When we think of forgiveness, we start to cringe and shiver because it means we have to step out of the self-pity zone and take a transitional step, which can sometimes leave us vulnerable and to others make us look weak.

Let’s pause and have a grade school moment. The Dictionary term for Forgive is: to cease to feel resentment against (an offender)

Now let’s take a step forward and think for a second, when decoding the definition we come to a conclusion that we don’t have to forget that someone has wronged us, we don’t have to become blind to the fact that someone has caused us trouble (unless we want to) in many cases we should life is too short, BUT it’s optional.

What shouldn’t be optional is forgiving someone. Forgiveness is a very crucial part of inner peace.

Now back to my reasoning: 😉 …

As many of you may be able to tell, and for some it may come as a shock to, don’t worry I was surprised myself, but anyway, I’M HUMAN!! , so after that phone call I was sitting down thinking of all the negative things I could say, but then I closed my eyes and I asked my ING (inner guide) to take control, When I opened my eyes I had clarity. I looked at how one phone call shifted my mood, The phone call only lasted two minutes and I was so furious, that was who I was at that moment, my ING was being upstaged by an imposter.  At that moment I was letting that situation define me, and guess what while I was sitting there pitying myself about how I was wronged, the person who wronged me was probably somewhere enjoying a nice cold margarita. That moment of clarity put some ZING in my ING! I had gained my inner peace back and I was walking on the sunshine again. Here is some essential information that you need to know to start thinking with a forgiving mind.

  1. The universe sees all and feels all: All the negative energy people are throwing out will come back to them, everyone has a destiny and karma is real. You don’t have to plot to take someone down. A negative ego is a person’s worst friend.
  2. It’s ok to have a toys r ‘ us moment: We are human for pete’s sake, we have feelings and emotions that’s just the way it is but it’s important to make sure you only let those good clear emotions define who and what you are.
  3. Every dark cloud has a silver lining: No matter what the situation or confrontation, there is always a positive aspect of it, there is always a lesson to be learned. Try to find the good in the ugly and turn it around.
  4. With Patience Comes Wisdom: Forgiving someone isn’t always easy but , everyday effort will lead you to greater understanding, you will be able to dissect the situation later on and see how it may could have avoided or how much you have grown just by taking time to seek perspective through forgiveness .

Here’s your homework for this week: Forgive someone who has wronged you in the past or even today, forgiveness isn’t acceptance, you may never trust that person again or even speak to them, but just forgive them, they may not need to know they have your forgiveness, as it is not necessary to put it out there. I’ll leave you with a quote that I looove, feel free to tweet it, because…its a TWEETABLE 🙂

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