The road less taken- Self discovery is found outside of your comfort zone!

Comfort zones ironically leave us in a state of discomfort and yet we cling to them like a breastfed newborn feeding from its mother’s bosom.?

Let me ask you a question: when was the last time you did something that terrified you? If your answer is “I haven’t”, or “I can’t remember”, then this post is definitely for you! 

Personally, I try to avoid my comfort zone like the plague because for so long it held me back from my ambitions and true potential as an individual, I remember at one point in my life I thought, if I didn’t take risk I wouldn’t put myself in harms way, I couldn’t see that being confined to a sense of safety diminished my personality and my thoughts, I looked at people who were much happier than me and I knew there was a difference, I realized they stepped outside of their common world, they took risk. Although they didn’t always succeed in their endeavors they made the effort to do what terrified them, they explored their possibilities and became rich with wisdom of self.

There’s so much to be discovered about yourself, but you must be willing to question your intentions and push your limits, when you live in your comfort zone you’ll only ever scratch the surface of your dreams.

I don’t know about you, but when I have a bad itch barely scratching the surface just ain’t cuttin’ it, and yet a lot of people invest emotional real estate in comfort, but fret not my darlings because I’m going to give you a beginners course in leaving your comfort zone so that you may find your true self.

Take the road less traveled: you won’t find purpose on the comfortable road, the road less taken is the “High Road”, a curvier and bumpier road indeed, but it is so beautiful. Make the decisions to get out of your own way and discover new experiences, sometimes that means psyching yourself and saying “what’s the worst that can happen.” 

Don’t be a foolish traveler: A wise traveler is resourceful; you don’t want to be up the creak without a paddle, you need to figure out what skills you have that’ll get you from point A to point B and what skills you can acquire along the way to keep the journey alive, otherwise you’ll just get fed up and turn back. 

Keep the pace: stay consistent, when you fall off course get right back on, analyze where you went wrong and adjust accordingly .

Have fun: experience every step, embrace the good and bad, there’s something to be learned from it.

And above all else stay true to yourself, never compromise the integrity of who you are, when you live on purpose you will forever have a fruitful life, never dictate your wants based off of other people’s desires. Listen to your heart, your heart will not mislead you.

I hope this post was helpful. Please comment and let me know what your thoughts are on comfort zones and what your journey with them have been like. Also, remember sharing is caring this post may inspire someone please tweet it or share it on your favorite social media.

Til next time my Mama ?

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