If there was one word to describe you it would be: Powerhouse. But, if there was one word to describe your current lifestyle, it would be: GUARDED.

Whether you’re a mom survivor who just needs some daily inspiration or you want to stop living in limbo of the repercussions of trauma you are in the right place!

The fact that you’re taking time to visit my digital sandbox tells me that you have something deep inside you that is eager to blossom for the sake of yourself and your family, something that resembles tenacity and spunk…

But maybe you…

  • Have no idea what you need in order to zero in on your biggest struggle and make the greatest amount of change
  • Are dealing with an extreme amount of self-loathing and want to overcome it
  • Desire to learn about parenting methods that are healthy and will promote children’s development
  • Don’t have a great support system to keep you energized and motivated when things feel at there lowest
  • Feel that your schedule doesn’t allow you to live the “Happy Healed Mom Lifestyle
  • Feel intimidated by parenting and feel yourself being very passive or too overprotective
  • Don’t understand what recovery is all about, but want to get started on healing pronto

No matter where you’re at in your recovery journey you want to live a life that isn’t partnered with stigma and trauma you want your children to look at you and pull strength from the courage and lessons you’ve given them, you want wake up every day not feeling dis-empowered like a cog in the machine of pain and overwhelm.

Trust me, mamma, I’ve been there, but I’ve learned to let go and live in the truth of my destiny today I live my life knowing one thing for certain and two things for sure:

The Certain-The struggle is real, but so is the process– anything that is truly worth my receiveing is worth my best efforts and that is especially true for the legacy I want to create for myself and my children.

For Sure #1 : I don’t have to let my upbringing be my offering- my past although very rough, taught me lessons of good and bad, what I will tolerate and how I should treat myself and others and that is a good start to break the cycle of child abuse and shame.

For Sure 2 # : I am the daughter of free will and conscious choice, there is nothing that I can’t achieve if I go for it. No one makes choices for me unless I surrender the free will for them to do so I have the conscious choice to make smart decisions and live in my purpose without feeling the need to belittle my ability.

Guess what, all these are true for you as well !??????…

I believe you have the ability to live a life of purpose, heal from the traumatic wounds of your childhood and raise your child(ren)in a happy healthy way by seeking out your truth asking yourself the hard questions and being vulnerable enough to wait around for the answers.

My name is Alisa Mae and I thrive on helping millennial mom survivors of childhood abuse tackle all the stresses of pursuing recovery and parenting as mom survivors of child abuse so they can break the cycle of child abuse and shift their families paradigm.

I know you’re probably wondering what landed me on this beautiful path of servantship and so I’ll tell you!

Late in 2014, I discovered how much I could use my story (which you can read here) to bring others closer to their breakthroughs, I started my coaching business and instantly was drawn in by how many women would write to me and say Alisa you totally get me!

Although I knew the numbers for women survivors of childhood sexual abuse was 1 and 4 a part of me didn’t process how many young women of my generation were survivors of abuse and adversity they felt disadvantaged and found themselves in situations unbecoming of the heroine they desired to be.

As time went on I started to move away from sexual abuse and more towards child abuse in general, and as 2017 I am working around the clock to build a open line of communication with millennial mom survivors of child abuse who crave to break the cycle of abuse for their children, but just don’t know where to start. I am making it my duty to bring education and resources all to one place so that you can heal and live in synchronicity.

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I hope to be al valuable part of your recovery journey ?

Happily Healed Mom Out!